The goal of Lancaster County’s Treasurer’s Office is to provide the best possible customer service as well as a convenient and informative resource that adds to the services we currently provide. Whether you are searching for property tax records or paying your taxes online, Lancaster’s online taxes allows you to conduct your business quickly, conveniently and securely, anytime from any location that has Internet accessibility.

Carrie Helms, County Treasurer

Carrie Helms began working for Lancaster County on January 14, 2000 and became the county treasurer in January 2011, after the passing of Mr. Richard “Dick” Rowell. Prior to filling the treasurer position, she served as deputy treasurer for three years.

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News & Updates

Real estate & personal property tax bills are due by January 15th without penalites. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, you will have until 5:00 pm the next business day to pay without penalty. After March 16th,  real estate & personal property taxes will be turned over to the Tax Collectors office.  Motor Vehicle bills are mailed on the 15th of the month, one month prior to bills being due and are due on the last day of the month. The decal will come from the South Carolina DMV Office if you pay by mail, phone, or online within 7-10 business days. If you don’t receive the decal within 7-10 business days, please call DMV @  1-803-896-5000.

You can pay your tax bill in the office, by mail, by phone 1-888-525-3661 or HERE ONLINE.